What do you need in a mass gainer?

What do you need in a mass gainer?

"Although most people's main problem is that they want to eat without gaining weight, there are those who have the opposite problem... they want to gain weight by any means. But before you take any dietary supplement, you must know why, how, and when you're taking it.

First, let's talk about the causes of weight loss:
- It could be genetic due to genetic makeup.
- It could be hormonal and due to high metabolism rates.
- It might be due to increased physical effort and poor nutrition.
- It could be due to certain physical and psychological diseases.

Before you consider any dietary supplement, you must first understand the cause of your weight loss, address any issues, and then set a proper nutrition plan for yourself, see what it lacks, and start taking the supplements you're missing.

The following is for normal individuals who don’t have any physical, psychological, genetic, or hormonal problems:
Normally, the body uses energy from food to perform daily functions. If someone is inactive and does nothing just to stay alive, they need about 2000 calories on average, which are used by the heart, brain, other internal organs, and muscles to perform their normal functions.

Thus, if you’re not active in your life and consume 2000 calories a day, your body will use them and you will maintain your weight. If you, for example, consume 3000 calories and are inactive, the body will use the needed 2000 calories and the extra 1000 will turn into fats and be stored, for instance, in the thighs.

On the contrary, if you go to work and then walk a little to get home, and then do some chores, and so on, and your body uses about 3000 calories instead of 2000, and you only consume 2000, your body will start breaking down muscles to get the energy difference and then the fats.
This is a brief explanation of calorie count, surplus, and deficit.
But it's not as simple as that because not every calorie is the same... 

Of course, a calorie from carbs and a calorie from protein are different:
For example, a gram of carbs and a gram of protein each give you 4 calories.
But that doesn’t mean that if you take 30 grams of sugar, it will have the same effect as 30 grams of protein.

Just as you understand... Each nutrient has its own benefits for your body:
Carbohydrates are a source of energy.
Protein is for building and repairing muscles.
Fats regulate hormone production.
Vitamins and minerals regulate absorption and metabolic processes, and so on.

It's not just that simple... Each type has many details:
Carbs, for instance, come in fast-absorbing forms like sugars which are an important energy source for the muscles,
And moderate and slow-absorbing forms like starches which also provide energy but don’t raise insulin levels as quickly as sugars,
And those that are complex to the extent that they aren’t absorbed at all and don’t provide any calories like fibers, which regulate stomach movement and help in the absorption of other nutrients.

Protein builds muscles as we said, and provides the body with amino acids that it can’t produce on its own, which are 9 amino acids found completely in animal protein.
If you replace animal protein with plant protein, you must combine more than one type because plant protein doesn’t contain all 9 essential amino acids needed by the body.

Even the timing of protein absorption is important because if, for example, you ingest 50 grams of fast-absorbing protein and your body absorbs it all at once... It will only use what it needs at that time, which is at most 30 grams, and the rest will be excreted from the body because there’s no way to store protein in the body other than by building and repairing muscles.

So, when you go and buy a mass gainer that gives you 200 grams of fast-absorbing carbs "sugar" and 50 grams of fast-absorbing protein, you are actually harming yourself with your money.
Because your body will use about 50 grams of those carbs and the rest will turn into fats in areas that will bother you,
And the 50 grams you took, you’ll use half of them and the other half will go to the toilet.

That’s why you must understand well what you need and what the supplement you’re using will add to you...
Clean Bulking!

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